Family Transitions

Supporting Healthy International Family Transitions

Planning to move overseas?             How prepared do you feel?

Are your children ready?

Parents might be ready to go, but what about the rest of the family?  It is critical that a family has a strong foundation of communication and mutual support before entering unfamiliar territory.

Setting Sail: The Family Workbook

Setting Sail

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A workbook designed to equip whole families who are planning to move overseas!

Topics covered include:

  • Individual and family identity
  • Communication
  • A common perspective
  • Preparing for departure
  • Coping with stress and conflict
  • Cross-cultural transition
  • The long-term outcome

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From the Experts:

At last!  A workbook that involves both adults and children as they all  prepare for their transition as a family.  It includes not only thought-provoking questions but also hands-on activities for everyone—and a family can work it into their own schedule.  I recommend it highly.

Ron Koteskey, Ph.D.

I recently thoroughly enjoyed reviewing Emily Hervey’s innovative SHIFT program. Her creative materials provide practical tools with fun exercises that can help your family develop positive communication skills with essential conversations for walking through the opportunities and challenges of international transitions. It is a keeper!    

Len Cerny, Ph.D.

From the Families:

We found this program helpful as it aided discussions and sharing times with our children. It brought us together in the purpose of moving overseas as a family unit – all working together as one. The kids loved having family times when we could do an activity too!

Moving from Australia to Ethiopia

We as a family of four had wonderful times together using the material presented in this workbook. We feel that our transition in our move overseas as a family was greatly enhanced by working together on the activities given in this material. We particularly benefited from the family discussions in response to the material discovering where each other was emotionally before, during, and after the transition. Thanks for your work on this material to help families in transition.

Moving from USA to Thailand